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Fly reelChris with a saratogaWill with a tarponChris with a tarponA whistling kite catching tarponPink Thing fly in barra's mouthWill's great 80cm barra

Our Goal

Our aim at Wind Knot Productions is to document incredible fly fishing stories. Chris and Will have recently returned from filming Billabongs to Beaches: A Darwin to Broome Fly Fishing Odyssey. Billabongs to Beaches will show that you do not need to spend thousands on rods and reels, hundreds on professional casting tuition, or buy the best hand made flies to catch awesome fish and have a great time.

Self-admitted fly fishing novices the pair were inspired by A River Somewhere and set out to not only film some fantastic fly fishing, but to also show the beauty of the Top End landscape and meet some of the local characters.

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Wind Knot /wînd nøt/, n.

1. An impossibly tangled mess created in fly line or leader due to poor casting. Most often falsely blamed on the wind.

Wind Knot Chronicles

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Billabongs to Beaches

Well with the filming done the footage is now on the cutting room floor. To be honest it's really inside an iMac. We hope to have editing complete by


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